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  The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
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      Journeying with history, from the enchanting medieval to the rebellious post-modernist, Germany can satisfy any traveler’s wanderlust. Making up a checker-board of fantasy, natural beauty, classical cultures and quaint folksiness, the heart of Europe is now, more than ever, a popular destination for tourists from the world over.

There is plenty to pick from, a calendar bursting with fairs and festivities, exciting travel routes through the famed Fairylands of the Brothers Grimm or the open-house at the vineyards during harvest, treks and expeditions across scenic country and a feast of displays at museums and exhibitions, both indoor as well as open-air.

Traveling through Germany is easy, through its famed road and rail networks, by air or even along the waterways. Now, with nearly a fifth of the residents of foreign origin, language no longer remains a barrier and English is spoken or at least understood by most people.
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Travel to Germany: The evening sun reflects in the windows of the Baroque New Palace Herrenchiemsee / copyright picture-alliance / DUMONT Bildarchiv Explore King Ludwig's magical world
During his short life, 1845 to 1886, King Ludwig II of Bavaria created a universe of his own. He delved into the worlds of music and theatre, and commissioned the construction of new castles – all of which reflected his own desires. Now, 125 years after his death, the legacy of the fairytale monarch still captures attention. more
Travel to Germany: Budget travel in Germany / copyright Colourbox Budget travel in Germany
Travelling can be a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive affair. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As you try to get around Germany, a little preparation and planning will help ensure a smooth ride and aid you in finding the bargains that are out there. Young Germany lays out the best ways to get from A to B in Germany – and points out how to save some cash along the way. more
Travel to Germany: A view of Bacharach, with the St. Peter’s Church in the centre / copyright picture alliance UNESCO World Heritage Site Bacharach
Between the train station and the centre of town, the buildings of Bacharach seem to escort the visitor back through time. Leaving the tiny yet modern train station, you pass one wine tavern, then another and another, all nestled in a valley whose hills are carpeted in the grape plants whose fruits’ fermented juice will later find its way to your dinner table. more
Travel to Germany: Berlin is the most-visited city in Germany / copyright Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. Hello, Berlin
History has pulled the public eye to Berlin's streets again and again, through times of peace and times of tumult. It has been the capital of Prussia, the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, and finally, today, the Federal Republic of Germany. Each year about 7.5 million visitors flock there from abroad, making it the most-visited city in Germany. People just can’t forget about Berlin. more
Travel to Germany: Stuttgart's post-modern art museum / copyright picture alliance / DUMONT Bildarchiv Be charmed by the Swabian metropolis Stuttgart
Stuttgart, in southwestern Germany, is surrounded by beautiful vineyards. The capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg is also world-famous because it's the home of Mercedes and Porsche. more
Travel to Germany: The meeting of the Landwehrkanal with the Spree river at Charlottenburg in Berlin / copyright picture alliance Water-loving Berlin longs for the sea
It takes a slightly elastic imagination to think of Berlin in the same terms as Venice, but that's what many Berliners do – and they like to do it while basking in the sunshine next to one of the city's many canals. more
Travel to Germany: The Schwerin castle - 'Neuschwanstein of the North' / copyright picture alliance/chromorange Get wet in northern Germany's lake district
Just an hour's drive south of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania's famous Baltic Coast is central Europe's largest area of interconnected lakes and rivers, much of it in an untouched natural state. more
Travel to Germany: View from the Canoe – 'Wasserwandern' in Germany / copyright HA Hessen Agentur GmbH View from the Canoe – 'Wasserwandern' in Germany
Wasserwandern is the German term for touring by water, travelling by canoe or a kayak along the designated waterways of multiple connected lakes or rivers. Rest areas, campgrounds and even restaurants are sometimes scattered along the route. more
Travel in Germany: Painter Max Liebermann's villa on the shore of Berlin's Lake Wannsee / Copyright dpa Artist Liebermann's Berlin villa brings history, tragedy to the fore
It's a beautiful lake home, but also a spot of Nazi occupation and eventually a disused sports hall. Painter Max Liebermann's villa on Lake Wannsee in Berlin tells a story of the 20th century and beyond. more
Travel to Germany: The Palmengarten in Frankfurt / copyright picture alliance / Arco Images GmbH A little night music at the Frankfurt PalmenGarten
Every summer the Frankfurt PalmenGarten begins to bloom: first with crocuses and tulips, then azaleas and rhododendrons, and later roses, irises, peonies, and lilies. In mid June—just before the roses show their colours in full force—evenings at the Palmengarten begin to revolve, not around plants, but around music. more