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  Millions of people around the world are learning German
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      German is the mother tongue of about a 100 million Europeans and is spoken, according to estimates, by another 80 million people worldwide as a foreign language. It is the second most commonly used scientific language as well as the language of literary mastery and philosophy. Knowledge of German opens up a whole world of opportunities, for jobs in Germany as well as in multinational companies, for specialist vocations like tourism, where German-speaking tourists are the world’s biggest spenders, and for advanced research and studies.

Millions of people around the world are learning German as a foreign language and one of the main centres is the Goethe-Institut, with its headoffice in Munich. The Institute runs 129 centres across 80 countries, besides the 13 centres within Germany. There are nine centres of the Goethe-Institut in South Asia, six across India and one each in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Colombo. From extensive to super-intensive courses, professional courses and distance learning programmes, there are diverse options of learning, improving and continuing with the practice and use of German in everyday life.

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Learn German: Bridge-builders for German-language Literature / copyright dpa - Fotoreport Bridge-builders for German-language Literature
Even though promoting contemporary German-language literature is considered a laborious business, there is actually a whole series of institutions in Germany and abroad that are committed to this with plenty of ideas and great enthusiasm.  more
Learn German: The Deutsches Universalwörterbuch, Duden's most extensive German dictionary  / copyright ZB - Fotoreport How do words get into the German dictionary Duden?
The Duden is the German dictionary that has set the tone for 130 years. What is in the Duden is good German. But who decides? And according to what criteria?  more
Learn German: Bookworms can sink their teeth into German books in English / copyright picture alliance/Golden Pixels LLC Bookworms can sink their teeth into German books in English
Germany, known as the 'land of poets and thinkers,' has plenty of fine contemporary writers. Deutsche Welle presents some of the most recent German books available in English translation.  more
Learning German: Social media glossary German-English / copyright Colourbox Social media glossary German-English
Despite the fact that most new web technology is named in English, the German language is adapting rapidly to describe the new world of social media. Some of the new words are simply borrowed from English, some are recognisable and some are just plain weird! Heres your survival guide to talking social media with Germans.  more
Learn German: Learning German through comics / copyright dpa Learning German through comics
When Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck rose to stardom in the 1950s, they were boycotted by teachers in Germany for their unpolished and base vernacular. Today comics are being used in foreign-language classes precisely for their distinctive linguistic qualities.  more
Learn German: German parliament approves additional budget for language training / copyright dpa - Bildfunk German parliament approves additional eight million euros for language training next year
The budget committee of the German Bundestag (parliament) has created a new item in the 2011 budget, providing eight million euros for promotion of the German language abroad by the Goethe-Institut.  more
Learn German: Competitors' works on display at the International German Olympics / copyright HHIDO Indian student among winners at the International German Olympics
German as a foreign language is not easy for all tongues to learn. Some of those who do it nonetheless met in Hamburg for the second Internationale Deutscholympiade German Olympics. Yamini Vaidya from Mumbai, India, was one of the prize-winners.  more
Learn German: English-speakers use the German word 'über' as part of their everyday slang / Copyright dpa Uber-cool English-speakers love using German words
English-speakers use the German word "über" as part of their everyday slang, but with a new definition and look.  more
Learn German: Learn German with the Deutsch-Uni Online / copyright dpa - Bildfunk Learning German with the Deutsch-Uni Online
100 million people speak German as their mother language, and the language remains central to business and research. One of the easiest ways to learn German from anywhere in the world is with the portal Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO).  more
Learn German: German writer Bastian Sick gives ten reasons to learn German / copyright dpa - Bildarchiv Ten reasons for German
Too many cases, too many genders, too many rules? Is German really so difficult? No, says bestseller German writer, journalist and translator Bastian Sick. Its easy after all, everyone manages with that.  more