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Schumacher will head Motor Safety Safety Development Fund
© dpa-Report
Michael Schumacher to head Motor Sport Safety Development Fund

May 27, 2008

Seven time German Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher has been elected Chairman of the newly established Motor Sport Safety Development Fund, administered by International Automobile Federation or the FiA.

The FiA is a non-profit association established to represent the interests of motoring organisations and motor car users. Widely known as the governing body for motor racing events, the FiA is a UK registered charity. The Motor Sport Safety Development Fund has been created to manage the distribution of motor sport safety-related grants from the La Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile - FiA’s $60 million share of the $100 million fine imposed on McLaren Mercedes last year. McLaren were fined and excluded from the 2007 constructors’ championship on disclosure that they had exploited confidential technical information from Ferrari.

Since the inauguration of Formula One World Championships in 1950, 45 F1 drivers have died at World Championship weekends or while testing an F1 car. The Motor Sport Safety Development Fund will distribute grants around the world to help young drivers improve safety skills and assist in development of motor sport venues in emerging motor racing nations. The Fund activities will include a Young Driver Safety Scholarship Programme, an Officials Skills Safety Training Programme and a Facility Safety Improvement Consultancy Programme.

The Young Driver Safety Scholarship Programme will provide grants to young drivers demonstrating exceptional talent, to support their understanding of safety and human performance issues in motor sport and in daily life. The Officials Skills Safety Training Programme will support officials to upgrade their skills relevant for safety at motor sport events. Grants will also support participation in the training programmes being developed by the FiA Institute for Motor Sport Safety.

The Facility Safety Improvement Consultancy Programme will offer grant support for consultancy services to National sporting associations of nations that are in the process of establishing or upgrading motor sport facilities.

Schumacher will be joined on the Fund board by FiA president Max Mosley, the president of the Automobile Competition Committee for the United States, Nick Craw, Ferrari board member Jean Todt and Mercedes-Benz motorsport boss Norbert Haug. Speaking about the initiative, Michael Schumacher said, “I’m proud to be able to help with the further development of safety in motor sport across the world. The FiA has achieved a great deal already in its safety activities, but the grants available from this new Fund will make a huge contribution to improving motor sport safety, especially in emerging motor sport markets.”

© German Information Centre New Delhi
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