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Did you know that Germany is the third largest economy in the world? That Germany places in the Top 3 preferred locations for foreign students? Or that the FIFA World Cup in summer 2006 was not only the world's largest sports event but also a huge art and culture show? "Facts about Germany" invites you to get to know Germany. It offers exhaustive basic information and numerous points of orientation – designed specially for our foreign readers whose interest in contemporary Germany extends beyond coincidental data to be found in the daily flood of news items. In the course of ten chapters, renowned authors offer insights covering all aspects of modern life in Germany – be it business, culture, or politics. The keynote articles are rounded out by numbers and facts.
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About Germany: A visitor browses through interactive displays at the International Newspaper Museum in Aachen / copyright Stadt Aachen / Peter Hinschlaeger All the news that's fit to print: Germany's International Newspaper Museum
Germany's Internationales Zeitungsmuseum (IZM International Newspaper Museum) recently reopened following renovations in the historic university town of Aachen. A new exhibition, aptly entitled 'The Newspaper. Ready for the museum?!' is on display till 26 August, 2011 at the museum. more
About Germany: Children view a replica of Carl Benz's 1886 motor car at the Mannheim Technoseum / copyright dpa Carl Benz patent becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Document
In 1886, Carl Benz filed a patent for the 'Motor Car No. 1' the birth certificate of the automobile. This historical document has now been included in the UNESCO 'Memory of the World' list. more
About Germany: A model presents a creation at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin / copyright dpa Berlin chic goes beyond the catwalk
Thanks to Berlin Fashion Week, young designers, and a city-wide campaign of cool, Germany's capital has remade itself as a fashion hotspot. A new book argues that the city's chic appeal is the latest chapter in a long history. more
About Germany: North Sea vacationers and day trippers driving across the Wadden Sea in the Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park / copyright dpa Hamburg Wadden Sea park declared UNESCO heritage site
The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has declared the Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park a World Natural Heritage Site, just days after listing five German beech forests for their "outstanding universal value." The National Park is now on par with such wonders as the Grand Canyon, the Pyramids of Giza and the Cologne Cathedral. more
About Germany: German beech forests declared World Heritage Sites / copyright dpa German beech forests declared World Heritage Sites
Five beech forests in Germany have been declared United Nations World Heritage Sites. The areas have been included in a listing for similar ancient forests in Eastern Europe. A committee of experts from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said they were of "outstanding universal value." more
About Germany: The Fagus Factory in Alfeld, Germany, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site / copyright dpa picture-alliance Gropius' steel-and-glass factory joins World Heritage list
A glass-and-steel shoe last factory designed by Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius has become the latest spot in Germany to gain the title of UNESCO World Heritage site. more
Facts About Germany: Fifty years ago, the Berlin Wall was built dividing Germany into East and West / Copyright dpa Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Wall
Fifty years ago, the leader of communist East Germany said, "No one has the intention of building a wall" to separate East from West. Two months later, construction started on the Berlin Wall. more
About Germany: People sit in the sun in the beer garden at the Kleinhesseloher lake in Munich / copyright dpa The birth of the biergarten
The biergarten, or beer garden, has been a favourite social destination in Germany since the 19th century. Its existence is due in part to Bavarian King Ludwig I. more
About Germany: Germany launches its first head count in more than two decades / copyright picture alliance/DeFodi Germany launches its first head count in more than two decades
From Monday, 9th May, the German authorities begin conducting the first census since the country was reunited in 1990. The last census in West Germany was conducted in 1987, while the last in East Germany was held in 1981. more
About Germany: Fresh white asparagus / copyright picture-alliance/chromorange Spargelzeit Its white asparagus time!
During the Spargelsaison, or season of white asparagus, Germans unite in their devotion to this delicate and delicious vegetable which makes its first appearance in mid-April and usually disappears around the end of June. more